The climb continues…

A new year, new opportunities. 2015 feels significant to me.

I start the year at a job I can truly flourish at, in a new city eerily adjusted for my needs of nature, running, technology, and people.

It’s time to develop. Development is key to any truly happy human.

I like to remember the synonyms for development; evolution, growth, maturation, expansion, enlargement, spread, progress.

What we focus on and develop directly leads to the outcome of us. This year I will develop my health, my happiness, new relationships, and my outreach for helping others.

Helping others

To help the most people as possible, you have to think about their needs and match them to your strengths. My biggest strength is true empathy and faith in humanity.

Second is my innate desire to learn and share knowledge. We are built from DNA, a simple, powerful system used for passing down knowledge.

Other strengths; my morals, fearlessness, ambition, and candidness.

I’m a human, flawed. But so uniquely arranged that back through and forward into an infinite amount of time there will never be another arrangement of atoms that can posses these thoughts and feelings.

I’ve faced many challenges in my short 3 decades on this rock hurling through space. I’ve lost grip and slipped down rungs on my climb to the top countless times.

It takes you falling and then climbing again, to appreciate how amazing it is when you climb to new heights you’ve never experienced. This year the heights I hope to obtain seem unfathomable.

Looking back as I took that first step onto this ladder of improvement, there is hope, and that’s all I need.

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