Hindsight is 20/20

They say hindsight is 20/20. I see crystal clear now.

July 2014 started like any other month prior to me being fired.

Killing it at my job as usual, and sharing stuff on the Internet.

July 5th | The beginning of the end

Another poetry and motivation session as normal begun that night.

Poetry and motivation

The video share that awakened my conscious to begin my climb again.

The problem with man post

There was lots of soul searching as I defended my criticism on mankind.

I decided to start taking massive action, right away.

July 7th | Push through the dark

Not much time to sleep when you’re pushing through the dark.

Travel the darkness

July 9th | Soar; others want to clip your wings

More poetry and motivation to keep me going.

More poetry and motivation

If you needed a 100 bananas to survive each day, who would you trust?

Six people who know where 5 bananas are, or one person 100?

But six people can make a lot of noise, and sell you the 5 banana idea.

It’s bananas, I know.

<h3>July 5th 2014 | The beginning of the end</h3>

July 10th | Remain grateful

Grateful for followers

July 11th | Waste no more time

You guessed it, more poetry. No time to waste.

Waste no more time

July 12th | Met an Angel at the SPCA

Met an Angel

I was looking for God, ended up walking a doG.
Took reverse logic, like that verse was symbolic.

@ 0:55

July 13th | Make a choice

I was at fault for all my downfalls. Time to take ownership of them.

Make a choice

Study yourself, or in my case, become a Jacobologist


July 14th | I’m a mess

When fighting for humanity, things can get kinda messy.

I'm a mess

July 24th | Climb so you can see the world

No longer improving for myself, but for others.

Climb so you can see the world

August | Keep climbing

I was chosen to work on a special project. I busted my ass all month.

Begin to wage war

September 5th | Burned twice in one day

Away from my department for a month, we had a round table come up.

The roundtable

A man with ideas and an insane attention to detail will give you data.

Authorship stats

New senior support manager easily overwhelmed by rate of my ideas.

There are those that manage, and those that lead.

When you’re stuck in managing people mode, you fail to lead.

Was clear I wasn’t talking with a team member, so I went back to work.

Coded project for another hour, then onto 2 hour meeting with CEO.

Had great team meeting, planned lots of progress for following week.

It’s Friday, HR might tell me on Monday to dumb myself down more.

After work get call on my cell, HR informs me I’m fired.

For “unprofessional behavior”.

4 years, thousands of customers helped, hundreds of articles.

Damn, I’m a pretty awesome hobbyist.

Co-workers sleeping, playing games, not ranking, not helping. Good.

Jacob being passionate about what he does and helping others. Bad.

Burned twice in one day

September 9th | Fight the status quo

My rock, my comfort, poetry.

Fired freestyle

September 10th | Be water my friend

Be water my friend

September 12th | I will beat him

I will beat him

September 13th | Like Ghandi, utter No

Ghandi no

September 14th | Taking control

Taking control

September 16th | Train mind, body, and soul

Train mind body and soul

September 18th | Volunteer more

Volunteer more

October 29th | I’m nobody

I'm nobody

Stay motivated

Macklemore control

November 4th | Opportunity knocks

One crappy job after another, no local companies I wanted to work for.

Things were looking kinda lame, then things started to eerily align.

Out of nowhere, a skype interview in Florida?

For a site manager all about helping people with hosting?


November 5th | Passion pays off

I think it’s safe to say my passion and knowledge shined through online.


November 6th | Collect your thoughts

I have millions of great ideas, most of them lose out to the shower.

Time to change that and start putting them to use!


November 13th | Roll out the red carpet

Digital Brands picked me up from the airport in a limo, paid for.

They also paid for me to stay in downtown Gainesville during my visit.


November 14th | Face to face

It was time for the face to face interview to kick off.

Excitement, anxiety, and relief all happening at once.


November 16th | Be great

Awesome interview and trip to Florida under my belt, time to be great.


Be wise

Constantly learn, no such thing as a stupid pursuit of knowledge.


November 18th | Job offer

A huge weight off my shoulders, I got offered the gig of my dreams!


Be a fun, crazy, excellent human

I was allowed to spend the holidays with my family.

The plan, start 2015 as the newest team member of an awesome team.


December 7th | Work smart, not hard

Years of prepartion led to a work flow of flawless intelligence.

You don’t have to work hard when you love what you do, just work.


December 8th | Goodbye to my bitches

With the last few weeks till my move at hand, SPCA dog time was up.


December 19th | Laugh at yourself

YouTube video with 1,000s of views and comments accidentally deleted.

Oh well, you can always start again, fresh, and climb even higher.


December 24th | Reflect on life

Recharged by my family and nostalgic memories of my childhood.

I was renewed with the facts of just how far I’ve climbed.


December 25th | Focus on health

Fitness throughout this struggle made it bearable.

No way I was slowing down just because of a little heat.


December 27th | Shadows cast by sorrows

An insane coiencidence to my story, I felt the shadows of Joy.


December 28th | Be happy, do your job

Not being able to contribute to helping others at scale, was tough.

I found great happiness in the fortune to work again, and help.


January 2nd | New life

Adjustment to an awesome place was quick, and felt right.


January 5th | A new chapter

So began a new year, and a new chapter in my life.



What is this feeling of having extreme fun at work?

This foreign emotion at work was welcomed gladly.


January 8th | Thankful for fitness

With extreme amounts of energy and joy, thankful to have recreation.


January 9th | Down to business

Didn’t take me too long to adjust to my work flows.

Time to live up to my own hype, create, help, and flourish.


Born for a reason

A great sense of fullfilment obtained, but still climbing for purpose.


January 10th | Run

Thousands of miles run, no stopping now.


January 11th | The climb continues

With my blog killed, and a corrupt backup sent to me, I was sad.

Time to change that.


January 12th | Follow your heart, be wild

Contained in a natural cage already, my heart has no other limits.


Decade of progression

It’s funny we don’t realize how far we’ve come, until it’s put in our face.


Getting comfy

This was the right decision, no regrets, only happiness.


Ride solo

It’s ok to be by yourself, you always have me, myself, and I.

Not content with them? Others aren’t going to be able to fill that gap.

Be 100% comfortable in your own skin and in your life.



Quite the series of events, no?

When searching for purpose, hindsight is 20/20.

I see crystal clear now…


If you just spent your precious time reading my story, thanks!

I hope I can motivate, inspire, and help others change for the +

The climb continues…

A new year, new opportunities. 2015 feels significant to me.

I start the year at a job I can truly flourish at, in a new city eerily adjusted for my needs of nature, running, technology, and people.

It’s time to develop. Development is key to any truly happy human.

I like to remember the synonyms for development; evolution, growth, maturation, expansion, enlargement, spread, progress.

What we focus on and develop directly leads to the outcome of us. This year I will develop my health, my happiness, new relationships, and my outreach for helping others.

Helping others

To help the most people as possible, you have to think about their needs and match them to your strengths. My biggest strength is true empathy and faith in humanity.

Second is my innate desire to learn and share knowledge. We are built from DNA, a simple, powerful system used for passing down knowledge.

Other strengths; my morals, fearlessness, ambition, and candidness.

I’m a human, flawed. But so uniquely arranged that back through and forward into an infinite amount of time there will never be another arrangement of atoms that can posses these thoughts and feelings.

I’ve faced many challenges in my short 3 decades on this rock hurling through space. I’ve lost grip and slipped down rungs on my climb to the top countless times.

It takes you falling and then climbing again, to appreciate how amazing it is when you climb to new heights you’ve never experienced. This year the heights I hope to obtain seem unfathomable.

Looking back as I took that first step onto this ladder of improvement, there is hope, and that’s all I need.